Master 2 Internship in NLP, Nancy, 2024

Domain: The Semantics of Discourse MarkersCo-supervisors: Yannick Toussaint (Lab: LORIA; team: Orpailleur) & Mathieu Constant (Lab: ATILF)Contact: and Motivation and contextDiscourse Markers [Sch87, DCP13] play an important role in communication in general (text, speech. . . ), on two dimensions. On the one hand, Discourse Markers (like therefore, for instance) are connectives which …

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Discourse Markers: Markers in Discourse , Markers on Discourse International Conference, 21st-22nd June 2024, Metz, France Call for papers (deadline February 1st 2024)Website : Discourse markers have been examined in various models of grammar, such as Functional Discourse Grammar or Construction Grammar, considering their status as markers in discourse. From a macro-syntactic point of …

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